How to Apply Green Tips

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who joining TOP should:

  • be a HKSAR resident of the age of 18 or above holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card;
  • be a holder of accredited certificates, diplomas, degrees obtained in programmes of post-secondary and tertiary institutes, or have relevant work experience in telecommunications industry;
  • be a fresh graduate in 2020 or 2021 with no work experience, or has no more than five years’ work experience.

The scheme does not require applicants to have relevant experience. For details in eligibility criteria, please refer to Question 1.

Work experience (full- or part-time) helps employers understand your background and skills. It is recommended that you provide the fullest possible proof of your experience with employment contracts, bank statements showing salary income and the like. In case you can’t produce any proof, consider making an oath or declaration at a Home Affairs Enquiry Centre.

Application Pre-employment Arrangement

Those who are not able to attend will still need to register in order to apply for the jobs under the scheme. It is recommended that you attend the online seminar for a better understanding of the scheme.

The scheme aims to target those who are interested in the ICT industry and provide them with one-year field work experience so they understand whether they are suitable. Social workers at HKFYG will look over every employment under the scheme with and will provide follow-on service in an effort to support more stable career development of young people and help them sharpen their career pathway.

Applications for jobs under the scheme are conducted in a market-oriented manner: applicants will need to submit an application form to a telecoms firm together with cover letter and resume. The company will then shortlist candidates for interview. Successful candidates will be offered an employment contract of no longer than 12 months.

No. But it is recommended that you focus on those jobs that are suitable and have a competitive edge.

You will need to submit an application form online, together with cover letter, resume and proof of work experience (if applicable).

The entire application, including the interview, will be handled by the telecoms company. It will notify successful applicants and arrange employment matters.

During Work

In essence, applicants are fully protected by labour laws and minimum wage requirements. Pay and benefits vary with experiences and employers.

All employments under the scheme enjoy basic protection as directed by labour laws.

According to labour laws, both the employer and the successful applicant are required to make their due MPF contribution.

You should report to your principal HKFYG social worker for subsequent arrangement.

That will align to the promotional system of the employing firm and the applicant’s performance. However, note that the scheme aims to provide training and job opportunities for young people in the vibrant ICT industry so as to broaden their horizon and equip them with lifelong career development skills. It is hoped that the successful applicant cherishes this chance to learn and accumulate invaluable work experience.

It is recommended that before you make the decision, consult the HKFYG social worker who provide employment support. If you choose to resign and withdraw from the scheme, act according to labour laws and company procedures.

No compensation is required as long as you provide sufficient notice and act duly according to contract clauses and governing labour laws.

If you terminate the contract or are dismissed within the first three months, you can apply for another job under the scheme. You are no longer eligible if the employment terminates after three months.

The employment contract under the scheme is governed by labour and other relevant laws, just like other job positions. Therefore, if you fail to meet the expectations of the employer, the contract may be terminated with the employer’s sufficient notice according to labour laws. However, remember that HKFYG provides employment service with the scheme, you are encouraged to seek help from HKFYG’s social workers should you encounter any challenges during your work.

Participating employers must comply with requirements of labour and other relevant laws. The scheme encourages telecoms companies to provide appropriate renumeration for employees according to their duties, as well as training for them.

After the Contract

The telecoms industry has promising potential. The scheme aspires that applicants gain competitiveness with the year of treasured work experience. The scheme supports that the companies continue employ the applicants after contract period, subject to their personnel arrangements and performance of the applicants.

The one-year scheme aims to provide the applicants with work experience in the telecoms industry. There will be no gratuity after the contract matures.

The scheme does not provide a certificate. You may request from your employer a proof of employment such as a leaving certificate.

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